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• Brainstorm + Art Direction 
• Development
• Client Review
• Pre Flight Files for Sampling
• Send to Vendor
• Photograph In House
• Develop In-Line Catalogs

At PBK, we strive to remain ahead-of-the-trend by curating unique products for every occasion.  We embrace the unexpected, set the trends and challenge ourselves to create decor and memorable gifts, for everyone and everything. 

I began my journey here back in October 2017, I just moved from NJ with only a marketing and advertising background. However, over time I have expanded my knowledge and always offered a helping hand. Which now leads to where I am today - a reliable, yet, humble designer that demonstrates the ability to make quick turnarounds, understand color, type and layout as well as being able to solve issues in both team and individual environments. In addition to my role of being a product designer, I've earned the added responsibilities of assisting with our catalogs, maintaining and calibrating our print press, and contributing to one of the final processes, pre-flight. Which simply is to ensure that all developed files are vendor-ready! 

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